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As an Engineer in ERICSSON, I created some Innovation Tools, and up to Jun. 2016, these innovation program saved 716,857.12 SEK cost for company. I enjoy so much while I am trying to build things. for some more works information, please visit https://jsntn.com/ericsson

1/23/2013 [Log Reader] v1.1 was released.

1/17/2013 [Log Reader] v1.0 was released.

1/10/2013 Changed the Name to [Log Reader]

11/23/2012 [MGW Log Reader] beta version has been released.

The Reason & Background of this software:

While we are doing MGW Monthly HC in RS project, most of time we just need to focus on the value we needed, but the log we get is always nearly 3M with 40000 lines per Node…The MGW Log Reader can help me to filter the value I needed out and create a new file named with Node Name… the output file will just be about 300KB with 3500 lines.

All the parameters were open as a dict sequence in pattern.txt file, so we can modify the pattern.txt to make it work on MSC HLR BSC log too!

pattern.txt format: [more parameters are being implanting…download and check the pattern.txt for the latest one]

{'start':'get GigaBitEthernet primaryLink','end':'Total:','patterns':0,'nextstep':40,'intro':'Half of ET-IPG boards are defined in value 0, another half of ET-IPG boards are defined in value 1.'}


FCGM3> get MgwApplication

121116-08:59:19 9.0d MGW_NODE_MODEL_B_15_228 stopfile=/tmp/7970
6484                                 MgwApplication=1
MgwApplicationId                     1
amrWbHigherThresholdAlarm            true
amrWbLowerThresholdAlarm             true
availabilityStatus                   0 (NO_STATUS)
bearerReleaseTimer                   5
dscpMarking                          46
explicitCongestionNotification       0 (ECN_PASSIVE)
featureStateDtmfSuppression          0 (DEACTIVATED)
g729HigherThresholdAlarm             true
g729LowerThresholdAlarm              true
gmpVersion                           GMP V3.0
ipbcpT1Timer                         5
licenseStateAoIp                     0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateClearChannelData         0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateCompressSpeechOnNb       1 (ENABLED)
licenseStateDtmfSuppression          0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateFixedLevelControl        0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateGcpOverSctp              0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateIuOverIp                 0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateNetworkProbe             0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateTfo                      0 (DISABLED)
licenseStateVoIpGw                   0 (DISABLED)
marketReference                      0 (ITU)
maxBandwidthForIpTransport           0
maxNrOfLicMediaStreamChannels        23459
maxNrOfLicMediaStreamChannelsVoip    0
mbacCongestionDscpMode               0 (CONGDSCP_OFF)
mbacCongestionDscpValue              47
mbacLicensingStatus                  1 (ENABLED)
mbacLostPacketsCalculationMode       0 (LOSTPACK_OFF)
mbacMeasurementInterval              2
mbacMode                             0 (MBAC_OFF)
mbacThreshold                        3 (PACKET_LOSS_1E4)
mbacWeightingFactor                  75
mccLicensingStatus                   0 (DISABLED)
nrLicensingStatus                    0 (DISABLED)
nrOfIpNetworkRemoteSites             140
operationalState                     1 (ENABLED)
rtcpBearerSupervisionTimerAoIp       0
rtcpBearerSupervisionTimerNb         0
rtcpBearerSupervisionTimerVoip       15
rtcpOnNbActive                       false
sacHigherThresholdAlarm              true
sacLowerThresholdAlarm               true
sacMode                              0 (SAC_OFF)
sccHigherThresholdAlarm              true
sccLowerThresholdAlarm               true
speechActivityFactor                 60
tfoIpeMode                           0 (TFO_IPE_OFF)
voipHigherThresholdAlarm             true
voipLowerThresholdAlarm              true
Total: 1 MOs


FCGM3> get MgwApplication 检查说明: licenseStateAoIp should be 1

licenseStateAoIp                     0 (DISABLED)
Total: 1 MOs

Intro&Download(Internal Link):


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