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As an Engineer in ERICSSON, I created some Innovation Tools, and up to Jun. 2016, these innovation program saved 716,857.12 SEK cost for company. I enjoy so much while I am trying to build things. for some more works information, please visit https://jsntn.com/ericsson

Q-Mailer is a software for GZ/E/PST/GRAN now, it has been tested on Windows Vista with Outlook 2003 and Windows 7 with Outlook 2007, it used Batch Command, OLE, Windows COM, Windows API, and Python as a glue, written with my favorite Vim. I’m trying to open more Parameters and Custom Fields for it so that it can help us to send the routine Email with templates quickly if possible.

2012 Guangzhou

For the PST project in Guangzhou, we have to send nearly 40 emails about BSC Daily HC Every week, different email addresses(To and Cc) and subjects for different emails, if the Alarm Lists for BSC APG MGW HLR exits and how is the level and counts within every email content. So you will see there are so many aspects you need to pay attention…with this small software’s help, all of them can be entered automatically and accurately!

In my opinion, the biggest value of the small software is not fast and automatic(but actually it is really fast, lol), but it is accurate, no man-made mistakes and neat format! the emails are sent to our customers directly, so this is absolutely most important thing!

Features about Q-Mailer:

Accurate and no Man-made faults

As you know that, I don’t need to enter the From… To… Cc… Subject and Content manually, the only thing is make sure its database is correct and input the fields correctly, it will run all of them automatically with no mistakes!


I have to open every Excel related to see the Alarm Lists and double-check if it’s correct before, now it can save 95% manual inputing time!

Neat Format

The code is fixed, the Email format is uniform.

Easy to update the database

I don’t need to open every Email Template to modify the data, Q-Mailer uses .ini as its database files, it can be modified by any Text Editor, Total Commander etc. in batch mode.

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Video Demo Download(Internal Link):

Q-Mailer 3.5 intro.wmv

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